Thursday, 24 January 2019


At the check-out counter of the local supermarket the other day, the packer automatically started putting my purchases in a plastic shopping bag. I stopped her and handed her a well-worn brown paper bag I'd brought along with me.  I said "No need for a plastic bag, I've brought my own."
Her reply was priceless, "So you want to save a fish?"
I guess that was part of my intention - to save not one fish, but save many fish and other creatures too ... and in fact, the entire planet!

Pollution on our shores like this, represents only a small fraction of how much plastic is being dumped, directly or indirectly, into the oceans.

It was estimated that 8 million tons of plastic found its way into the sea last year and that amount is expected to increase every year.

Research by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in 2014 found that 32% of the 78 tons of plastic produced was not incinerated, recycled or dumped in land-fill sites, but ended up in the environment or in the ocean!

[Photo from the Ocean Society blog]

Reduce the amount of plastic you use and you will contribute less to scenes like this ... and when you take a walk on the beach, take a bag pick up the rubbish - if you don't, who will?  
You might just save a fish!


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