Tuesday, 4 August 2020


In Western culture going right back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans, owls were considered wise.
Owls were associated with wisdom and knowledge in art and literature.  In the present time, owls are depicted in children's stories as being endowed with "wisdom" and owl symbols are chosen by educational institutions, bookshops, libraries, etc.

But are owls really wise? Their piercing stare, their no-nonsense look, their ability to fly and hunt at night might suggest the answer "Yes" - however their brains are disproportionately small and other birds like hawks, crows, parrots and pigeons are far superior when it comes to being trained to perform complex tasks!

Hence don't be confused by the look on the face of this young Cape Eagle Owl … an alternative interpretation of his look could be one of disillusionment and dismay!


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