Tuesday, 27 April 2021


Les bouquinistes de Paris are a fascinating group of traders who line the pavements above the quays of the Seine.  They sell old (sometimes very old) books, posters, magazines, postcards and prints.  Their stalls are always worth a few minutes of browsing - and after a while you will find yourself in the Paris of the 50's and 60's and maybe even earlier.

As with most things in Paris there are laws and rules governing the operations of these traders.  The stalls that appear quite random and ramshackle have to be in accordance with the Rules of Bouquinistes (See below)!

Excerpt from the "Rules of Bouquinistes"

Article 9 of the by-law of October 1993, signed by Jacques Chirac:

The boxes used by book stores will be of a type approved by the Administration with an external bodywork determined by the dimensions below, for a maximum length of 8.6 metres:
• Length: 2 metres
• Width: 0.75 metres
• Height:
• (These dimensions are for closed boxes, lids included).
• During use, the upper edge of the opened box should not reach over 2.1 metres above the ground.

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