Monday, 30 March 2020


Life under "lock down" a.k.a. "social isolation" is necessary and at the same time challenging.  We have managed to keep ourselves busy with projects around the home and garden, but our dog can not understand that an embargo has been placed on his daily excursion to the beach or failing that, a 2 to 3 kilometre walk around the neighbourhood.  We have removed the word "walk" from our conversations as it provokes an immediate anticipatory response from him which is then followed by a recriminating sulk.

Last night we attended a virtual symphony concert with an estimated 60 to 70 other folk under "lock down".  People from Cape Town, Johannesburg and even Belgium and New Zealand, joined the audience as we enjoyed and discussed music by Wagner, Bruch and Sibelius - wonderful and inspiring!

The link below will take you to Bruch's Scottish Fantasy played by Stefan Jackiw with the Sinfonica de Galicia conducted by Rumon Gamba.  This concerto was outstanding!  Enjoy!

The photo above?  Mousebirds looking at the sunset, watching and waiting for the social isolation to end!

OJ under lock down

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